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Rajdhani Detective Agency

Rajdhani Detective Agency in Bangalore, Karnataka, Temilnadu, Andrapradesh, Goa as name suggests has 13 years of experience,

Our extensive years of experience allow us to give you the better solution of your need. We can offer you local to global services so reach to us for discussing your issues and our experts will give you the best solution. So, use our private detectives for the investigation of confidential verification’s, matrimonial and inquires for business as well as personal investigations. Our spy products and mobile software also help us to perform one step ahead. Getting assistance from the detective agency is not a cool situation for you but we have the full faith that your experience working with us should be perfect, satisfactory and reliable.

Rajdhani Detective Agency is among the top ranked detective agencies all over India. We with our extremely qualified professional group of private investigators can crack the toughest of all cases be it criminal or non-criminal very efficiently and in better way than any other private investigation company all over India.

Client’s Secrecy Guaranteed

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Well-Trained Team

100% Confidence

Experts with experience

Broad Range of Detective Services in Bangalore, Karnataka, Temilnadu, Andrapradesh, Goa, Karnataka – Adultery Surveillance | Affair during divorce of spouse | Asset & beneficiary search | Business background search employees/business partners | Business Intelligence | Counterfeiting & Detection | Evidence collection | Conflict of Interests | Corporate in-house detectives | Corporate theft & espionage | Covert Surveillance | Criminal & Civil investigations | Criminal & Employment checks | Criminal background checks | Criminal record checks | Domestic & Marital problems | Drugs and other addictions | Employment history check |Ex-employee activities| Executive protection | Finger print verification | General civil criminal cases | Habits and hobbies | Handwriting verification | Information Analysis | Insurance claims investigation | Investigation for auditors| Legal assistance | Local investigations | Martial Infidelity | Missing Person| Patents and Trademarks | Pre & post martial investigations | Sabotage | Secret audio & video recording | Surveillance& inspections audio/video |Tracking missing persons | Trademark Investigation | Unfair Competition | Video Recording.

Excellence in Detective,
Investigation Services.

Our knowledge and expertise is vital in helping you achieve solutions to Problems. This has resulted in thousands of satisfied clients.

Matrimonial Screening

Matrimonial Screening before Marriage is one of the important decisions of an individual's life

Matrimonial Discard

verification to answer any questions you may have before marriage.

Divorce Cases

Divorce Case Detective to deal with such unwanted issue of the society such as Divorce Case Investigation

Infidelity / Cheating

Infidelity, Adultery, Cheating, Being Unfaithful, Having an Affair or whatever you care to call it

Assets Verification

Services are designed to locate and identity company or individually held assets

Tracing Missing Person

Moreover, we utilize state-of-the-art modern technology to gather evidence and information,

Collecting proof

We also do videography and still photography and provide video and photographic evidence

Background Check

Background Check could be for various different purposes for Employment, Matrimonial, Business


  • Character check
  • Check of social notoriety on the individual
  • Propensities (Drinking or Smoking)
  • Family foundation
  • Prior marriage
  • Occupation points of interest (pay, assignment, duration)


  • Where your Person is going?
  • Whom your Person is meeting?
  • Is your Person drug abused?
  • Is your Person hiding something from you?
  • Is your Person have drinking or smoking habit?
  • Your Person friend circle?
  • Your Person online activities?
  • Your Person Mobile activities?
  • Your Person daily-life activities?


  • Residence Verification
  • Criminal / Police Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Qualification Verification
  • Reference Verification


  • How well do you really know your employees?
  • What do they do after office hours?
  • Are they involved in a parallel business?
  • If anyone is leaking out your secrets?
  • Your employee is trustworthy or not?
  • Are they meeting to your competitors?
  • Are they involved in a parallel business?

Missing Person

  • Ensuring that a reported missing person is not the victim of foul play
  • Investigating runaway juvenile cases
  • Investigating child abduction cases
  • Investigating unidentified persons
  • Missing adults
  • High-risk missing persons
  • Runaways
  • Unidentified persons
  • Child abductions


  • Competitors and comparative business history
  • Advertisement and social media investigation
  • Intellectual property and brand protection investigation
  • Competitive business lawsuit history
  • Business background checks
  • Key employees (executives), partners, officers, directors and investors
  • Due diligence investigation
  • Supplier and vendor screening

Make your Life Problem free

Best and Authentic high level intelligence Detective Agency in Bangalore, Karnataka, Temilnadu, Andrapradesh, Goa

Over the years has built its reputation and good will as one of the Private Investigation Agencies in India. The company provides its esteemed clients with the most comprehensive, dependable & accurate investigation and information service and most importantly in scheduled time frame.

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Rajdhani Detective Agency
No 40/8,Sri Byraveshwara Nilaya, 4th A Main Road,Govindraj Nagar, Vijayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560040


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