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WELCOME TO Rajdhani Detective Agency

Rajdhani Detective Agency has been in this field providing quality Detective Agency in Delhi. Our company providing investigation services to the all over India for past many years. We provide most qualitative output and investigation are thorough, diligent and comprehensive. Our most specialization investigation is about matrimonial problems investigation like Pre-post Investigation, Divorce cases with obtaining Proof and evidences, Surveillance and litigation support, compiling background information about an individual and in depth asset investigation. Our result reflects the high level of Professionalism for which our clients appreciate our services regardless of the geographical location.

We understand the importance of confidentiality when it comes to dealing with personal matters and hence, we adhere to complete discretion. No matter the complexity of the situation, we resolve it with utmost professionalism and dedication. Over the years, we have gained a reputation as a leading private investigator & one of the largest private investigation firms in India, trusted by top organizations and individuals alike. Our comprehensive private detective services make sure complete secrecy when assisting a client in sorting out personal matters or issues.


What We Do,

Broad Range of Detective Services in Bangalore, Karnataka, Temilnadu, Andrapradesh, Goa, Karnataka – Adultery Surveillance | Affair during divorce of spouse | Asset & beneficiary search | Business background search employees/business partners | Business Intelligence | Counterfeiting & Detection | Evidence collection | Conflict of Interests | Corporate in-house detectives | Corporate theft & espionage | Covert Surveillance | Criminal & Civil investigations | Criminal & Employment checks | Criminal background checks | Criminal record checks | Domestic & Marital problems | Drugs and other addictions | Employment history check |Ex-employee activities| Executive protection | Finger print verification | General civil criminal cases | Habits and hobbies | Handwriting verification | Information Analysis | Insurance claims investigation | Investigation for auditors| Legal assistance | Local investigations | Martial Infidelity | Missing Person| Patents and Trademarks | Pre & post martial investigations | Sabotage | Secret audio & video recording | Surveillance& inspections audio/video |Tracking missing persons | Trademark Investigation | Unfair Competition | Video Recording.
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