Background Check could be for various different purposes. It could be for Employment, for Matrimonial, for a Business Partner also background check is important for appointing domestic staff like Driver, full time servant at home etc. But for each of the type of background check mentioned have different requirement but very few people understand this. Most of the time people approach us and ask to carry out background check without going into the details of the background & sometime they do not like to reveal the purpose behind the exercise but they do not like to reveal the purpose behind that because they understand only the background check but not the difference between each type of Background Check.


Employment Screening

Our background check report includes start date, end date and position. With accurate information about a candidate’s previous jobs, you can hire more qualified applicants. Other information obtained during pre-employment check of a candidate may include ending salary, reason for leaving, and eligibility for rehire.

A scrutinized way to combat resume inflation, this employee screening service verifies the accreditation status of the institution, start date, end date, major, and degree. An employment background check without education check is of no value, so it is mandatory to find out the academic certificate verification, job profile authentication.

Physical Verification

Our Private investigators conducting background checks physically visit all addresses where the subject randomly moves around. The activity tracking results out the pictures and videos supporting the existence of suspect in different locations. This even extract all information related to suspect which was hidden off.

We undertake discreet verification on the trustworthiness of the candidate. This helps in approval of candidates who do not have any criminal record but have violent tendencies. An essential ingredient of all background checks is must analyzed. Although some companies avoid it to save cost cuttings. We recommend this in every background check we conduct to follow the person physically to cover every aspect of an individual.

Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check will reveal any criminal offenses a person may have, such as misdemeanors, felonies, convictions, pending arrest warrants, arrest record, and specific crimes, such as theft, acts of violence, and sexual offenses. An investigation into someone’s criminal history is conducted for several reasons.

Financial Background Check

The Financial Background Check is basically financial fraud, which can also be defined as deliberate act of dishonesty involving financial transaction for purpose of personal gain. When a financial fraud occurs within the company, those employees who handle finance of the company are treated as key employees who possess all the indoor information. These group of employee are the most trustworthy employees of the management hence whenever any Financial Fraud takes place generally management avoids confronting them because they usually know too much. Venus Detective Agency generally uses different methodology for different situation to nail down the culprits.

Relationship Background Check

The expert team provides complete authentic, absolutely unbiased report for the relationship status of an individual. The clients approach us for Post and pre Matrimonial investigation purpose to grab concrete information of the target social life and person indulgent (physical & emotional) attachment. The investigation team also finds out the number of relationship, previous relationship, love affair or any sort of commitments.

Family Background Check

Venus Detective Agency conduct a family background investigation, which comprise of social reputation check, financial status, character of the bride and groom, habits, nature, education, medical history or any other skeptical issue within the person. Sometime there are customized requirement especially in the case of second marriage.

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